Moliki Ahmed Olawale Omojowo Sunday Toyin Abdullahi Abiodun Oyekanmi


Arms proliferation is a security concern for many countries and has recently been severely experienced in Nigeria. This study, through a descriptive research design, examined arms smuggling and arms proliferation and its attendant effects on violent conflict in Ogun State. The study adopted the Failed State theory as its theoretical framework and the questionnaire as a primary instrument of data collection. Using a simple random sampling technique, 400 respondents were sampled out of a target population of 23,258.  Descriptive and ANOVA analysis were applied and the hypotheses, tested. The study found that arms are proliferated into Ogun State through Idiroko border via different routes and means. The study also established that arms proliferation has significant effects on violent conflicts in Ogun State. It concludes that if arms proliferation continues unrestricted, Ogun State would become a hub for militarised civil life and weaken state control. The study therefore recommends policy interventions that target arms smuggling and disarmament to curb arms proliferation. It also underscores the need for the government to address underlying drivers of violence and strengthen state institutions.